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CASINO By Nicholas Pileggi EXT. RESTAURANT PARKING LOT, LAS VEGAS, 1983 - DAY SAM 'ACE' ROTHSTEIN, a tall, lean, immaculately dressed man approaches his car, opens the door, and g A shady police detective finds himself in the middle of a murder conspiracy at an important boxing match in an Atlantic City casino. Director: Brian De Palma | Stars: Nicolas Cage, Gary Sinise, John Heard, Carla Gugino. Votes: 75,433 | Gross: $55.59M Casino Royale (2006) The world may have James Bond to blame for people ordering watery Vodka Martinis , shaken, not stirred , but he’s also to thank for bringing those classy cocktails into the Showgirls (1995) 23% (Photo by United Artists courtesy Everett Collection) Following their smash-hit Basic Instinct, director Paul Verhoeven and writer Joe Eszterhas tried to shock cinemagoers with this sensational look at the sleazy world of Las Vegas strips clubs and showgirl casino spectaculars.Audiences and critics were shocked all right. They were shocked at Eszterhas’ ludicrously We shape and influence youth culture. Everyday, we uncover and expand what’s meaningful, cool, and important in music, entertainment, life, and sports. In Casino, a guy who’s narrowly survived some ordeals leans into life as a retiree. What then does The Irishman say about Scorsese? It features a protagonist in a nursing home who at one point Casino Guest (uncredited) Cody Deal. Roman Soldier at Caesar's Palace (uncredited) Mister Mann Frisby. Wedding Guest (uncredited) Charlene Geisler. Katie - Girl in the elevator (uncredited) Julian Grimes. Flapjack (uncredited) Lanette Fugit Hannah. High Roller (uncredited) David Hill. Parent Driving Jaguar (uncredited) Marcus Hinton. Pool Patron (uncredited) Mitch Holleman. Max - Student Check out IGN's expert reviews. It is a re-release of a 1970's film, which is being put back into theaters by the folks over at Independent Film Channel, who at times seem to be are single-handedly trying to keep actually good films in theaters. A staggering two-year-old was taken to hospital after being served sangria instead of cranberry juice at a birthday meal. Little Gabriela Gilliam was taken to a restaurant by her parents to

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